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Shining Bright: A Review of GLOW 2023 in Weston-super-Mare

A dazzling event for both locals and tourists with stunning displays of lights - and art installations illuminating the town. Here's our experience of one of Weston's newest and most unique events.

GLOW 2023 in Weston-super-Mare was a memorable experience for all who visited. There was a real buzz and excitement amongst locals, who were happy to see a new event in the town - with this only being GLOW's second year in operation. Here at Timbertop Suites, we also had a number of guests mention the festival, with the reception being unanimously positive.

We arrived at the festival late on Friday night, and were instantly greeted by a magical atmosphere. The colourful lights, lively music, and happy crowds made for a fantastic experience. It had been raining all day, so by the time we got there it was a little wet and muddy, but there was no trouble navigating the different exhibits thanks to the well-thought out lay out.

Entwined took the spotlight

Entwined by Bev G Star

The highlight of GLOW 2023 for us was "Entwined" by Bev G Star, which featured a multi-layered piece using photo-luminescent materials, which unfolded throughout the day-night cycle with variations in colour and illumination, inspired by the natural surroundings. The coloured threads were a feast for the eyes, and viewers were mesmerised by the enchanting atmosphere.

Getting hands-on with The Seegull

The Seegull by Simon and Paula Birtwistle

Another exhibit which caught the attention of the crowds was The Seegull, a light up interactive gull, that flapped it's wings gently when pulled. The rippling rainbow colours were a really great way to display this familiar seaside bird in a new light.

An immersive experience with live performances

Giant illuminated forest creatures danced amongst the crowds

Throughout the festival, visitors were treated to a variety of street performances, including live music, and giant light up forest creatures parading through Grove Park. The performers added an extra layer of excitement to the already buzzing atmosphere.

In addition to the light displays and performances, there were also plenty of food and drink stalls available, offering a range of delicious treats to satisfy all cravings - including warming mulled wine and cider.

The Verdict

GLOW 2023 in Weston-super-Mare was an unforgettable experience. The festival brought a new and exciting dimension to the town, and I would highly recommend reserving a slot in your diary for next years instalment.

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