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7 Reasons Brits are Flocking to Weston-Super-Mare this Summer.

It’s almost 10:00pm and Mr & Mrs Ellis are putting their feet up and switching on the evening news. As the same old stories bark out the TV Mrs Ellis looks up from her phone screen, turns to her husband and says “I want to go on holiday”. Before long they’ve booked three nights in a self catering apartment in a vibrant coastal town with a ton of bars & restaurants and a long, golden sandy beach.

They won’t need to book flights however, and they don’t have to exchange any currency, because they’ve joined the thousands of Brits discovering the beauty of the UK summer and booked a long weekend in Weston-Super-Mare.

But why has Weston become so popular with British tourists?

1. Loads of Big Events

Weston is home to some of the South West’s biggest and most exciting events. The enormous sandy beach provides the perfect arena for spectators to watch on as Chinooks, Spitfires and Red Arrows twirl overhead during Air Days. Or witness it’s transformation into an iconic enduro race track complete with 35 massive dunes (measuring up to 20 feet high) for Octobers Beach Race Weekend!

2. A Long, Golden Sandy Beach

Weston-Super-Mare has one of the UK’s most beautiful beaches, with golden sand that stretches for nearly 3km! The town is built around the beach with a modern promenade running in parallel that hosts a vast array of bars and restaurants. Watch (and listen to) the jet ski’s, speedboats, windsurfers and more all enjoying the water in the bay as you sit and sip a chilled glass of wine.

3. Better Weather

There’s something undeniably satisfying about sitting by the sea with feeling of the sun warming your skin, and this year we’ve had plenty of it! Why break the bank to sit on a beach in the costa del sol when you can experience the same feeling for a fraction of the price here in the UK. People are starting to catch on to the fact that you really can have a relaxing, HOT holiday without spending a small fortune.

4. More Romantic Breaks

We see endless couples coming to town looking to spend quality time with each other, and reconnect over an enjoyable shared experience. With all the stresses and strains of daily life constantly bearing down on you it’s easy to forget about the important things in life, family; maybe people just want to spend more time together and escape the monotony of home life. And power to them!

5. It’s a Perfect Hub to Explore Somerset from

It’s easy to see why people love coming to this part of the country when you consider everything there is to offer! The spectacular beauty of World Famous Cheddar Gorge (a half hour drive) is awe inspiring and should be experienced by everyone. Alternatively you can hop on the train to the city of Bath with it’s impressive architecture, excellent new shopping centre and historic Roman Baths, as well as an outstanding Christmas market in the winter.

6. Great Accommodation

As the local council have developed and modernised the town centre many accommodation providers have followed suit and refurbished their own properties, ourselves included. And with the growing disinterest in corporate chains becoming apparent, the demand for independent accommodation has grown substantially, enabling many in the town to improve the service they provide - but don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself!

7. People love staycations

There has in fact, been a significant increase in staycations across the nation: many people have come to realise that you don’t need to fork out a substantial portion of your savings (or book weeks off work in advance) to have a great time away with someone you love. You can book a couple of nights away tonight and be sat in the sun with your feet up tomorrow. It’s as simple as that.

So perhaps it’s time to look up from your phone, turn to your significant other, and say “I want to go on holiday”

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